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"Y haciendo cosas que rompo para arreglarlas y volver a romperlas paso mi tiempo...
y el tiempo se acaba...y la vida no espera..."
El niño de las pinturas. (Granada)

la vida es sueño

la vida es sueño

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lunes, junio 05, 2006

translation hospital post ( Mc Nolo)

no not to be alarmed... its is just the thing that flip flops and gravity are not really good friends.-- las sunday i went to the beach.. not so dangerous so far--- the problem comes when i went to see some stones... in bikini and flip flops.... like a goat in the mountains... i just fell down on my knees., laugh attack and too much pain on my knees ( as if a bunch of wasps stung on me....)but its ok... the problem came later when we left the beach my knees hurt like hell.. so badly so i decide to go to the hospital just to have a check out xrays.. to be sure the knees were right..
i got there and a stoned doctor asked me what happened... ( she laughed at me... i dont know if it was because my story or because she was really stoned..) then a man took me to another waiting room so that to wait for the xrays.. . he stayed there with me.. saying "check this out" he turned on tv..and played the video... it was a national geographic documentary upon polar bears and penguins...he was laughing his ass off ( alone) i think he also smoked from the doctor ´s joint.... ..sooo,, the story goes on... another doctor came... he was a mixture between michael landon, johnny cash and elvis´ shades... and he said to me ... "which knee is it???"
(both knees were about to burst... important detail... you have to choose one... so the discussion started... i want both... no only one.. this is ridiculous... he said no... only one... so big deal.. but at the end i got both...after 5 minutes discussion..at the end just internal injuries and pain but little by little goes fine---

so at the en i get... that i have to weak up from my "winter" as the bears in th documentary... because sun shines in here,and i feel really good and more alive than ever---
my laugh attack.. ( poor lolita she was very scared when she saw me on the floor... my apologies to the fisherman who was nearby ( also afraid of me)---i fell so calm,, too much peace in me...

5 awesome people left comments.. muchas gracias:

laura dijo...

madre mía, me lo estoy imaginando. esa silvers aterrizando en las rocas de rodillas, allí clavada cual pastorcilla de fátima rezándole a la virgen. madre madre madre. Qué dolores.

chicaaaaa, espero que se te baje pronto la hinchazón y puedas seguir con tus andares de pato typical silverianos.

un besazo bella. vaya dos semanitas de fin de curso nos esperan...ánimossssss

p dijo...

vaya que pobre, con lo que tú has sido, verte asín. que mal.
ea, eso te pasa por tirarte teide abajo.

silversroadnottaken dijo...

parezco andando las muñecas de famosa se dirigen alportall.... gracias por los animos!!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

ay sil, tú siempre tan alegre, contagiando alegría . Me haces reir y por eso te echo de menos. Gracias por tu amistad.Mayte

silversroadnottaken dijo...

jor may que mona... gracias,, a ver si veo al pequeño pablo.. que tiene que estar pa comerselo.. feliz dia primor
bienvenida al blog, mil besos desde el paraiso